What is TCPA? It stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act. If you are not familiar with this act, it was put in place so that consumers can register their phone number with a national “Do Not Call list Registry”. If a phone number is on the do not call list, you can not call that phone number for any marketing purposes without CONSENT from the consumer. And that consent needs to be TCPA compliant.
If you do call a phone number on the do not call list without their consent, you have violated the law.
It is absolutely unacceptable that the actions of Powur members who do not respect (or are unaware) of TCPA laws can come back and damage our company.

This is an issue you need to be aware of. If the company finds that you violated TCPA laws, per our policies and procedures, you can and will be held responsible for any damages the company incurs by your actions.  
What’s the Solution? 

Do not cold call any leads you received from a lead vendor unless they can provide PROOF of TCPA compliance.  
You can also easily check every phone number of any lead you come across, and determine if it’s on the Do Not Call List. Instructions for how to do so are posted at the bottom of this email.

If ANYONE reaches out to you offering free leads, turn them down. Avoid any international or foreign entities trying to give you leads, and it is always best practice to check any cold leads you have with the Do Not Call List registry.
At the end of the day, you are a 1099 business owner. You are solely responsible for your actions in this company, and whether your intentions are good or not it doesn’t matter. If you violate TCPA and damages come back to the company, you can be held liable. None of us want that, so please be smart.  
We are here to shift our world to clean energy, and build an amazing income for ourselves. The business is real, and so are the laws governing it. So let’s all be smart and grow our businesses and change our planet for the better.  

Here are the instructions on how to check every cold lead with the Do Not Call list registry. If you are working a cold lead, or unclear if you can legally call a lead, simply follow the instructions below to check.  

Step 1:  Go to: https://www.donotcall.gov/
Step 2:  Click on Verify your Registration
Step 3:  Enter up to Three Telephone Numbers and your email and click verify
Step 4:  Check your email and the email will let you know if the telephone number is on the Do Not Call List