Solar could very well be the greatest financial opportunity you’ll see in your lifetime. Here are just the top three reasons why we believe it represents a tremendous opportunity for you:

Solar is a booming business across America . More jobs will be created in solar industry in 2015 than in the oil, gas, and coal industries combined! (source GMT Research). The factors driving this growth demonstrate the industry’s promise:
a) More and more people are waking up to the critical need to move away from fossil fuels;
b) Solar technology has gotten significantly more efficient;
c) The price of sunlight never goes up. Dirty power costs rise every year;
d) Innovative service models are enabling homeowners to jump on board with solar with no upfront costs, while paying less per month than they currently spend for electricity.
e) By reducing climate change, you can create personal climate wealth.

Solar’s recent growth only scratches the surface of its immense potential. Based on a 2014 year-end report from the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar has been installed on more than 600,000 homes in the U.S. There are more than 90 million single family homes in the U.S. and as many as 50 million more households in multi-family structures. With the cost of traditional electricity constantly increasing, it’s just a matter of time before qualified homeowners make the switch to the cheaper, cleaner energy source. While solar may not work on every residential structure in the U.S., just a small wedge of this market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Without question, the solar industry is poised to shift wealth, create jobs, build new companies, and invigorate our economy. You can be a part of that shift.

Solar is the #1 solution to dirty, coal-powered electricity. Your efforts to share the benefits of solar with more people will make a meaningful difference in addressing climate change, which is possibly the single biggest issue facing our species today. Your great grand-children and their children’s children will thank you one day for taking back your power.