Once your panels are installed, your system will be wired to a meter and inverter. Your meter keeps track of your solar system’s power generation, and will be attached to your home alongside your utility meter. Your inverter is an integral part of your solar system. It converts the power your solar system generates (direct current power) into power that can be used by your home (alternating current power).

Net energy metering means that your utility tracks both power you use and power you produce. Your new utility bill will be the net difference between the two. When you produce excess power (defined as producing more than what is consumed at the time it is produced) that power is banked with your utility as a credit. Any time you draw from utility power – such as during the nighttime – you will draw on your banked credits before drawing on billable utility power.

With net energy metering, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your solar system and only drawing from your utility to fill in any gaps.